Ferromatik Milacron at Plastpol

Ferromatik Milacron at Plastpol
Innovative medical technology application using an injection molding machine from the redesigned all-electric Elektron series including new controls
Ferromatik Milacron will be at Plastpol in Kielce, Poland from May 7 through 10, 2013 with an Elektron 110 all-electric injection molding machine. "Following the introduction of the redesigned Elektron series at Fakuma in October 2012, and our successful roadshow through Europe at the start of this year, we're bringing the new Elektron to Poland for the first time. And we'll be using it to demonstrate a new cutting-edge medical application at the show," said Herwig Nowag, sales manager at Ferromatik Milacron.

The Elektron 110 has a clamping force of 1,100 kN and is equipped with an international size 120 injection unit featuring an 18 mm diameter 3-zone screw. Zahoransky, based in Freiburg, Germany, supplied the mold and an automated system allowing for the insertion of needles into the mold for the efficient production of disposable syringes. The needles, which are attached without the use of an adhesive, are placed in the mold, where they are encapsulated with COP plastic (Cyclo-Olefin-Copolymer). "Adhesive-free production of disposable syringes is completely new. Today over 95% of all cannulas are still made using glue," said Sven Engelmann, head of applications & systems at Ferromatik Milacron.

Parallel with the placement of the needles in one half of the mold, finished syringes are removed from the other half. This allows for a significantly reduced cycle time: four syringes are produced every twenty seconds.

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