E-mailing messages are designed in such way to stay clear and readable for all users.

With a view to the best possible result of your advertising campaign, taking care of the compatibility with various types of software standards in use, Plastech offers a free of charge E-mailing project. Feel safe to know that your message will be available to all, no matter the type of software they use.

E-mailings sent by Plastech are designed to be readable even if the graphics get blocked by the security software.

Sending e-mailing projects to Plastech

If you desire to deliver a complete e-mailing project of your design, please ampply the following requirements:

  • general idea of message graphic design, suggestions and preferences on its look, content and the blast term,
  • text and images separately. A project designed as an integral image sent to our user's private e-mail accounts will most likely be blocked by some types of software reducing campaign's effectiveness

Images and other files used for the project are stored at Plastech servers to avoid overloading our users

Active links: may be included in the e-mailing message, if the text is not an integral part of images

Mailing specification

Max no. of characters in text (including spaces)* 1800
Max size of all images 3 MB
Max HTML file size 15 kB

* We may extend the e-mailing lenght (no. of characters). If their number does not exceed 3600, the e-mailing cost rises 30%. Planning a longer message? Contact our customer advisor.