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User: xcolor
Company: Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Company
Name and surname: Jayle Yu
Phone: 86-571-22673156
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Pigment Yellow 1,3,12,13,14,17,65,74,81,83,110,126,138,139,147,150,151,174,180,
183, 191,
Pigment Orange 5,13,16,34,36,73 Pigment Red 2,3,8,13,21,22,48:1,48:2,48:3,48:4,49:1,49:2,53:1,57:1,63:1,81,112,
122,146,169,170,175,176,177,184,185,202,208,245,254,255,266,268,269 Pigment Violet 1,2,3,19,23 Pigment Blue 1,10,14,15:0,15:1,15:2,15:3,15:4,15:6,60,62
Pigment Green 7,36

Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Company

Pigments and dyes supplier from China

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