BOY XS: new injection moulding machine

BOY XS: new injection moulding…
“Simple Precise " - this is the slogan that best describes the new Boy XS injection moulding machine with a clamping force of 100 kN. Boy, the specialist for injection moulding machines with clamping forces below 1,000 kN, completes the lower range of its product line with the BOY XS. The new machine is also available as an insert-moulding machine with vertically arranged clamping and injection units. It is designated as the Boy XS V.

The most visibly striking feature is the very compact dimensions. With a footprint of only 0.81 m2 and 0.63 m2 for the Boy XS V, the two machine models, which are designed for continuous industrial operation, offer new possibilities regarding micro and single-cavity injection moulding.

- The Boy XS is an injection moulding machine designed with well-proven technology. It incorporates all of the features of our larger machines, but is even more compact - says Alfred Schiffer, Managing Partner at Boy, adding: - The Boy XS is equipped with a 12 mm plasticizing unit and the extremely precise Procan ALPHA control, both of which represent optimum preconditions for micro injection moulding. Furthermore, its design favours single-cavity parts production up to a shot volume of 8.0 cm³, which is one reason a special, runnerless nozzle is utilized.

Dr Boy: Boy XS

- Besides their precision and repeatability, the Boy XS and Boy XS V provide very good access to the plasticizing unit, the mould area, and the ejector. The two diagonally arranged tie bars are also an advantage. The two models are ideally suited for automation solutions from granules to the finished and packaged, moulded part - states Bernd Fischer, Director Process Engineering and Service at Boy.

The proven, cantilevered two-platen clamping system of the Boy injection moulding machines is also featured on these two machine models. In its standard version, the Boy XS is equipped with the first-class Procan ALPHA control. This control combines top efficiency with ease of operation and optimum innovation.