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Huaxin instrument (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Power, chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, etc.

Shenzhen DMP Injection Limited

DMP is a global supplier for solutions on high-pricision injection molds, bi-injection(2K) molds, automotive molds and cosmetic molds as well; and also with solutions to plastic process for automotive industry, bi-injection(2K) molding, cosmetic packaging

China Zhiyue Machinery Co.,Ltd

Plastic modular belts, flat top chains, multiflex chains, conveyor rollers, conveyor spare parts

Carton Plast Co.

cartonplast; POP display stands; corrugated plastic packaging, sheet and roll

V&T Technologies Co., Ltd.

Factory in the field of motor control, motion control, and energy saving, producing variable frequency drive (frequency inverter, variable speed drive), servo drive, motor soft starter...

V&T Technologies Co., Ltd.

CDM Group (Shanghai CDM Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.)

CDM,CDM Titanium

DRT Moldes

Molds for the plastic injection industry

Sobase Plastic Mold (Shenzhen) Ltd.

Plastic injection mold for Auotomotive parts, Medical parts ,Household parts,

Shanghai Deyu Plastic Mold Co., Ltd.

Profession is basis of brand, details determine success or failure

Airboss Rubber Compounding

AirBoss is one of North America's leading custom rubber mixers with the capacity to supply over 250 million pounds annually