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New-Ways Precise Mold & Plastic

New-Ways Precise Mold is a professional injection mould(plastic mold) manufacturers and plastic parts production provider in medical device, home appliance, industrial, auto, package and household goods etc.

Zhengzhou Deao Science & Technology CO., Ltd

screen changers, melt filters, melt pumps, plastic extruders, hydraulic screen changer


Blow Molding Machine, Stretch Blow Molding, Injection Blow Molding

RotoVac Group Inc.

Broad Plastic Design and Manufacturing Solutions

Free Technology Co., Ltd

injection molding,plastic molds,blow molding,2 shot injection molding,chrome plated molding, die cast

Odin Mould Co.,Ltd

Odin Mould Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds of large and middle size plastic moulds

Zhejiang Mould Factory

Auto spare parts mould

Germanplast s.r.l.

Recycled plastics - Used plastic machinery

Selleve Paweł Wójcik

Jerrycan 5l HDPE

Selleve Paweł Wójcik

BEST Plastic Machinery Factory

Professional screen changer, melt pump, melt filter supplier in China