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Big Bags new and used

Straße Jubiliejaus 28
Litauen, 96320 Jakai, Klaipeda region

Activity description

New Big Bags for sale: 

1. Available right now:

110x95x220 cm 800 pcs-5,5 Euro/pcs
111x76x185 cm with an inliner 1000 pcs-5,5 Euro/pcs
108x108x160 cm 1650 pcs-5,5 Euro/pcs
120x110x163 cm 780 pcs 5,5 Euro/pcs
100x80x155 cm 1200 pcs-5 Euro/pcs
90x77x100 cm 1000 pcs-3,5 Euro/pcs
77x77x100 cm 800 pcs-3,5 Euro/pcs
91x91x120 cm  300 pcs-5,5 Euro/ pcs
80x80x95 cm 8000 pcs-2,75 Euro/pcs
112x112x236 cm 214 pcs-5,5 Euro/pcs
90x90x120 cm with an inliner 570 pcs-5 Euro/pcs
90x90x125 cm SWL 1500 kg, 2000 pcs-4,2 Euro/pcs
95x95x200 cm onlytop spout, 780 pcs-5,5 Euro/pcs

There are also other types of new and used bags available

We organize the delivery, free transport for large volume