Plasmaq, LDA

Manufacturer of complete lines and devices for plastic recycling and waste processing

Straße Zona Industrial da Barosa, Lt 8 Carreira d'Água
Portugal, 2400-016 Leiria

Activity description

Customized solutions in equipment for recycling and waste recovery manufactured in Portugal for over 30 years.

Plasmaq produces complete lines including processes:

  • first and main grinding
  • first dirt removal and washing
  • drying of washed waste
and individual devices, i.e .:
  • hydraulic guillotines
  • rotary sieves of the tromel type
  • manual sorting
  • crushers
  • shredders
  • mills
  • dynamic washers
  • flotation units
  • centrifuges
  • Plascompact screw presses
Undisputed leader in Portugal and Spain in the number of machines in use, thanks to a trusted team of technicians and experts. The company also has many satisfied customers, incl. in Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Germany and the countries of South America and Africa.