GT Cranes - Gruniverpal S.r.l

Lifting equipment, cranes for mold loading, mobile cranes, electric and semi-automatic cranes, special lifting equipment, racking and storage solutions

Straße Via Provinciale Verzuolo, 2,
Italien, 12026 Piasco

Activity description

GT cranes has been producing mobile cranes and electrohydraulic lifting equipment since 1954. With over 700 patents we are a reference point for different sectors: from plastics and tyre moulding to automotive, from aeronautics to the military sector.

Our team includes highly qualified technicians in the load lifting technology sector. We design and produce electrical mobile cranes for mold lifting with capacity up to 50,000 kg, electrical mobile cranes for handling molds for the production of tyres and special crane and lifting products series. Discover our range of mobile cranes.

  • Mobile cranes for presses with clamping forces up to 50.000 kg
  • Lifting cranes and spider cranes with lifting capacity up to 25.000 kg
  • Cranes for handling molds. Production of tyres. Lifting capacity up to 12.500 kg
  • Electric or semi-automatic mini cranes with capacity up to 600 kg
  • Special electric lifting and self-propelled cranes
  • Lifting & optional handling equipment

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