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Plastech Paweł Wiśniewski
ul. Relaksowa 4
87-100 Toruń


+48 56 6229037
+48 56 6581510


VAT number:
Business Registration Number:
Account No.:
Bank details:
80 1160 2202 0000 0001 8657 7118
Bank Millennium S.A.
Stanisława Żaryna 2A,
02-593 Warsaw
PL 80 1160 2202 0000 0001 8657 7118

The Plastech Team

Paweł Wiśniewski

Paweł Wiśniewski

General editor / Platform founder

Graduate of Politechnika Gdanska Technical University and MBA studies at Domincan University in River Forest, Illinois. Gathered professional experience in the leading Polish PET preforms manufacturer - WIP Ltd and has been involved in the PET industry for 15 years. He is creator of Plastech Internet vortal, in his private life- an internet enthusiast and jazz music admirer. Marathoner since 2010.

Radosław Rymanowski

Radosław Rymanowski

Content manager / Advertising specialist

Google Talk: plastech.radek
Mobile +48 530 20 66 66

Has been involved with the Plastech platform since 2005. Treats the internet as one of the richest and most complete, but not the only source of information. Being an organ player he enjoys Bach and other classical music composers. Also a great fan of speedway motorsport – being able to discuss its details for hours…

Mirosław Miszczak

Mirosław Miszczak

PHP Developer / Graphic Designer

Graduate of Computer Science at the Koszalin University of Technology. Since 2008 has started work as a designer and contractor of the new service system of Plastech vortal. Internet enthusiast, developes graphics and progamming skills in his spare time. Passionate about cinema and paintball.

Michał Krajkowski

Michał Krajkowski

Journalist / Website editor

Graduate of Nicolaus Copernicus University, philologist. Radio enthusiast. Journalistic experience gained at the radio stations in Wroclaw and Poznan, he also collaborated with the Polish Radio. Researcher of literature. He completed his PhD dissertation on the nineteenth-century Galicia. He enjoys a good book as well as various outdoor activities. He loves to discover traditional music from around the world. Great fan of oberek dance.

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