- Methanol Markets & Tech 2012
Shanghai, China ,
Jin Jiang Oriental Hotel

Centre for Management Technology 80 Marine Parade Road #13-02 Parkway Parade Singapore 449269
+65 6346 9124 / 6346 9132
+65 6345 5928
The 2012 edition of the annual event which was previously held in Dubai and Muscat seeks to present in-depth insights into global methanol & feedstock (Coal, Natural Gas, etc) market dynamics, emergence of methanol futures trading & opportunities, methanol pricing outlook, trade-flow & shipping/freight market and more. Scope of the event:
  • Global Methanol & Feedstock (Coal, Natural Gas, etc) market dynamics
  • Emergence of Methanol Futures trading & opportunities
  • Methanol Pricing Outlook, Trade-Flow & Shipping/Freight Market
  • Drivers for Growth in Derivatives Markets (Formaldehyde, Acetic Acid, MMA, etc)
  • Technical & Economics Updates on Methanol Synthesis from Syngas, MTO & MTP
  • Evolving Use of Methanol in Transportation Fuels (MTBE, Biofuels, Methanol-Blended Fuels & DME)

Centre for Management Technology

Centre for Management Technology

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