- Eurostampi
Parma, Italy ,
Fiere di Parma Via Fortunato Rizzi, 67a I-43031 Parma, Italy

Senaf Mestiere Fiere Via Eritrea,21/A 20157 Milan, Italy
+39 02 332039 1
+39 02 39005289
The most complete Italian trade fair dedicated to dies & moulds world. In Eurostampi visitors will be able to find more than 300 qualified firms for improving the production cycle and moulds making: Design, Software and hardware, Rapid prototyping and reverse engineering, Models and prototypes, Innovative materials and accessories, all kinds of Dies & mould makers, Moulding. Profile for the exhibit includes:
  • Dies & Moulds
  • Normalized components
  • Design
  • Masks and equipment
  • Innovative Materials
  • Models
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Systems, machines and services for reverse engineering
  • Software
  • Moulding
  • At the sime time other 7 trade show for the manufacturing industry (MECSPE, Subfornitura, Automotive, Logistica, Control Italy, Motek Italy, Plastix Expo) take place create the synergy effect, wider offer and greater possibilities for both, visitors and exhibitors.