- Opakowania biodegradowalne
Warsaw, Poland ,
National Food and Nutrition Institute in Warsaw, Powsinska Str. 61/63

Centralny Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Opakowań ul. Konstancińska 11, 02-942 Warszawa
+48 22 842 20 11 w. 39
+48 22 842 23 03

The conference presens trends of biodegradable packaging market development. Conference gives an opportunity to present results on new materials research and upgrading their prosperities, exchange of polish and European production experiences, legal requirements related with biodegradable packaging (certifications).
Conference theme is extremely actual and though valuable for discourse on refuse disposal and biodegradable packaging management and engaging environmental friendly technologies.

Representatives of Industry, both local and national administration and scientific researchers are expected to attend in the conference. It is expected that the conference will familiarize guests with the variety of new biodegradable materials, biodegradable packaging and techniques of its appropriate managing.

Conference themes:
  • Global biodegradable polymers industry for packaging and packaging elements production
  • Experiences in processing of biodegradable polymers and additives
  • Research of new biodegradable polymers
  • Examples of compostable packaging application
  • Tests and certification systems of compostable biodegradable packaging
  • Barriers for biodegradable packaging market growth in Poland
  • Selective collection systems of compostable packaging



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