- 12th CEEPET & Balkans Market
Krakow, Poland ,
Hotel Novotel Krakow T. Kościuszki 5, Poland

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Volatility in PET prices partly due to polyester supply /demand, continuing tight balance of feedstock drove PET trade to a standoff last December as buyers and sellers could not agree on workable prices.

High demand for polyester fibre especially in Asia, boosted by substitution for cotton has impacted supply for bottle-grade PET. Can PET traders expect improvement in the situation in next coming months as summer kicks in, in Europe?

Is tight balance of PTA & MEG expected to remain throughout? Can PTA capacity additions keep up with PET and polyester demand growth?

CEE & Balkans PET conference will give you true insights into the market developments, the changing trends that will affect your business and the opportunity to meet and make deals with the right market.

12th CEEPET & Balkans Markets

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Centre for Management Technology

Centre for Management Technology

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