Pursuant to the Polish Act of 18 July 2002 on Electronic Services, Plastech Pawel Wisniewski hereby communicates to the Users of the Plastech website these regulations and obliges them to comply with the provisions contained therein.

  1. Definitions
  2. Technical conditions for the provision of the Services
  3. Registration of Users
  4. Intellectual property rights
  5. Fees
  6. Responsibility
  7. Revision of the Regulations
  8. Final provisions
1. Definitions
Section 1.1The Regulations define the rules of use and functioning of the Plastech website, plastic and packaging vortal located under the address www.plastech.pl and www.plastech.biz
>Section 1.2Whenever the Regulation refers to:
  • Plastech - means a company registered under the name of Plastech Pawel Wisniewski in Torun, Poland, post code 87-100, at Relaksowa street 4, EU vat number PL8791748778,
  • Website (Plastech) - it is understood as an information and business platform connected to the Internet,
  • User - it is understood as any person (individual, legal or other organizational unit possessing legal capacity) who in any way makes use of the Service, as follows
  • Services – means any services provided electronically by Plastech Pawel Wisniewski
2. Technical Conditions of Electronical Services
Section 2.1 For correct and successful using of all Plastech Platform services it is required to have:
  • Internet connection,
  • the latest version of Firefox or another browser compatible with it,
  • Java Script and Cookies support.
Section 2.2Service pages are optimized to a minimum width of 1280px.
3. Registration of Users
Section 3.1Registration of the User in the Service is free of charge.
Section 3.2Registration allows to access all functions of the Plastech Vortal.
Section 3.3To register with Plastech Vortal, every user needs to set a personal account by filling a simple online Registration Form and a Questionaree. The user enters all personal details on his/her own free will.
Section 3.4By confirming the registration form, the user agrees to receive correspondence from Plastech Vortal, including Plastech’s commercial contents in accordance with The Law on Electronic Services set on 18 July 2002 r. (Law Gazette. No 144. sec. 1204, including further amendments).
Section 3.5By confirming the registration form, the user accepts all sections of this Statute, and agrees for Plastech Vortal to collect, process and present online all user’s personal details in statistical and marketing purposes, pursuant The Law on Personal Data Protection set 29 July 1997r. (2002. Law Gazette. No. 101 sec. 926 including further amendments.).
Section 3.6In order to business agreement or other legal activities realisation, the Vortal may process all details necessary service delivery or payments collection.
Section 3.7The Vortal is not obliged to control contents of offers transferred, hosted and presented by the user.
Section 3.8A user registered with Plastech has the access to all private including B2B offers, company presentations data and is able to modify or delete all its content.
4. Intellectual Property Rights
Section 4.1In accordance with the 4 February 1994 Law on Intellectual Property Law and ancillary rights (Law Gazette. No. 24, pos. 83 including further amendments) the Vortal is a database protected by law.
Section 4.2The User has permission to publish online links leading to any webpage of The Vortal.
Section 4.3Using Plastech’s data is allowed only after receiving written Plastech’s approval. The approval may be obtained via e-mail only in well grounded cases.
5. Fees
Section 5.1Using Plastech Vortal and its particular services is voluntary.
Section 5.2All services except the ones mentioned in Annex 2 are free of charge.
Section 5.3All paid services served by The Plastech Platform are clearly marked and all the payment details are stated in the Annex 2 of the hereby Statute.
Section 5.4Transaction settlement made by credit card and e-transfer are carried out through Dotpay Payment System.
6. Responsibility
Section 6.1The Vortal is not responsible for the content of any images or offers published by users and any data losses being a result of third party actions, electronic device faults or malfunctions.
Section 6.2The Vortal reserves the right to decide on whether to display or hold individual offers being published online.
Section 6.3The Vortal is not responsible for the technical limitations of user computers’ hardware, its software or any equipment which may prevent them from using Plastech.
Section 6.4The following actions executed at the Plastech web pages are forbidden:
  • Publication of illegal or unlawful contents as well as untruth or offensive materials,
  • Using the user’s account in a manner incompatible with its purpose,
  • Breaking the rules of Netiquette,
  • Actions exposing other users to any loss or damages,
  • Actions exposing Plastech.pl or Plastech.biz to any loss or damages,
In the event of all and any of the abovementioned cases, The Plastech Platform reserves the rights to decline its services without any user’s fee retrieval.
7. Statutes further modification provisions
Section 7.1Plastech reserves the rights to change or modify the herein Statutes contents and to launch new versions of Plastech.pl and Plastech.biz services and/or products.
Section 7.2Any Plastech Platform user when signing in to Plastech Portal will be noticed on all implemented changes. In case of user refusing to accept Plastech’s services conditions, the agreement of the mentioned User and Plastech Vortal will expire automatically.
8. Final provisions
Section 8.1Every Plastech User is obliged to use Plastech Platform always in accordance with the Polish Law, common rules of social behaviour, common sense, with respect to all intellectual and material property and this Statute.
Section 8.2In all matters not being the subjects of the hereby Statute, the regulations of Civil Code of The Republic of Poland are being implemented automatically. All quarries on Plastech services will be solved by respective Polish courts and according to Polish Law regulations.
Section 8.3The Statute comes into force with the date of its publication. All later changes and amendments that Plastech reserves the rights to add, shall be published at Plastech’s web pages.