Welding machines - news on Plastech

Large sonotrodes: pushing the limits

Three-dimensional joining of large parts is often difficult to implement.

Fast joining of instrument clusters using ultrasonics

With ultrasonics it is possible to solve a variety of joining tasks for instrument clusters.

LPKF presents a broad product range at Fakuma

LPKF Laser Welding, the specialist for laser plastic welding, is showcasing a broad-based product portfolio at the Fakuma.

LPKF presents microfluidics welding system at the K trade fair

With its PrecisionWeld laser welding system presented in Europe for the first time, LPKF expands the areas of application for laser plastic welding.


Short cycle times determine the rhythm of modern production, hence fast and economic assembly processes are needed. This explains the rise and success of the ultrasonic welding technology in recent years. The advantage: within seconds a high-strength, gas-and watertight bond is produced without any additives. Herrmann Ultraschall from Germany has been a specialist in ultrasonic welding equipment for nearly five decades.

Branson Introduces Global Series of Ultrasonic Welding Power Supplies

Branson Ultrasonics Corp., a subsidiary of Emerson, introduced its first global series of ultrasonic welding power supplies for automated assembly systems in the automotive, packaging, textiles and food industries.

New bielomatik's technologies for Plastic Welding

After the last K 2007, bielomatik introduced new opportunities in plastic welding, especially for non-contact heating using infrared and hot gas convection.