Polypropylene (PP) - news on Plastech

Biaxplen expands export markets

Biaxplen has expanded its export supplies of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film to the European market.

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An 'Ultra-Clear' PP medicine dosage delivery system, made of SABIC's new medical grade SABIC PP PCGR40, has been launched by experts at Bormioli Rocco.

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ORPIC has selected the LyondellBasell Spheripol polypropylene process technology for a new 300 KTA polypropylene plant.

Propylene value chain in the USA

A new Ceresana's market study provides complete transparency regarding current and future development of the entire propylene value chain.

Weak collection of HDPE/PP bottle fractions in Europe

Herbert Snell (Multiport GmbH) highlighted together with the PRE member companies the need to boost the collection of the HDPE/PP bottle fractions.

Global market for PP compounds

AMI Consulting published new study on the global market of the polypropylene compounds.

Sibur increases BOPP-film production

Biaxplen launched a new biaxially-oriented polypropylene film production line in Novokuybyshevsk.

New PP-LLDPE film for beverage market

SABIC has broadened its stretch film portfolio to include one of the first commercially available materials to combine PP and LLDPE.

Halogen-free flame retardant for green PP compound

Clariant's Exolit ensures protection for renewable polymers in oyster shell-reinforced polypropylene.

Lightweight EPP structural element awarded

SPE awarded first visible use of Neopolen polypropylene foam on a center console.

Biaxplen launches new BOPP-film factory

The company has launched a new production facility of biaxially oriented polypropylene films in Tomsk.

Sirmax increases compounding capacity in Poland

The company raises capacity to meet the increasing demand from the automotive and appliance sectors.

Dow sells Polypropylene Licensing & Catalysts business

Dow's global PP Licensing & Catalysts business will be divested to W. R. Grace & Co. for $500m.

New polypropylene grade from SABIC

SABIC PP PHC28 combines high impact resistance, light-weight and intrinsic stiffness with good flow properties and processability.

Scientists found propylene in outer space

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has detected propylene on Saturn's moon Titan.