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New energy-efficient mobile and stationary SOMOS resin dryers

ProTec Polymer Processing presents the new energy-efficient SOMOS RDT and RDM resin dryers.

New vacuum resin dryer at K 2013

Maguire VBD 150 dryer provides trouble-free operation and dries six times faster than desiccant systems.

Resin Dryers with Compressed Air from Blue Air Systems

RD Dryer System from Blue Air Systems for Material though-puts up to 300 kg/h.

The new multi talent on the dryer market

The new RDX-Series from Blue Air Systems, based on the 3D-Principle technology provides high efficiency and performance in material drying with compressed air.

Drymax Primus material dryers from Wittmann

One of the main indicators of the positive turnaround which the plastics industry’s business has taken in the course of the last year is a sharp rise in the demand for new peripheral equipment. But this obviously genuine demand also goes hand in hand with a noticeable tendency to limit the amount of investment.

Motan exhibits further product enhancements Luxor and Spectrocolor G

At the Fakuma 2011 Motan will exhibit a cross section of product enhancements in the following fields of material management: drying, conveying, blending, dyeing and dosing. In particular, the Luxor 80/120/160 and the Spectrocolor G will be highlighted.

Expertise and efficiency in the processing of PET

Mann+Hummel ProTec have presented the latest, most up-to-date technologies and systems in the areas of material drying, crystallization and condensate separation in the drying process.

ETA plus drives energy efficiency

Motan’s energy-efficient ETA drying technologies are already considered the gold standard. Now, the company is taking energy efficiency to the next level: with ETA plus air regulation, comprising a temperature adjustment feature, airflow control and the ETA waste heat recovery system.

Luxor – energy-efficient drying units

Motan has completely re-engineered its drying bins. The clean-out doors on our new LUXOR dryers are now twice as large. Not only do these larger doors greatly improve access, they also allow the hopper loader discharge flap to be cleaned easily and simply from the front. In addition, the doors are designed specifically for the bin’s, preventing bridging while optimising materials flow.

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Motan introduced new Luxor A light. It is the system dryer that is designed for standard applications of all kind and targeted to material feeding for the plastics processing industry.

Wittmann introduced an energy rating standard developed for dry air dryers

Many resin dryer manufacturers promote their units as being highly efficient and offering energy savings of 50% or more. However, when asked "How much energy does the dryer consume?" or "What is the basis of the energy savings?" there is often little data to support their claims. What the industry really needs is a standard test protocol for measuring dryer energy consumption. In the spring of 2008 Wittmann introduced exactly that.

Dryers help Mack Molding shorten time for product changeovers

Mack Molding Co., one of North America's premiere plastics processors, reports that the speed and versatility of Maguire LPD vacuum resin dryers have helped maximize the productivity of the company's new medical molding cell.

Koch exhibits technology with components from its modular system

Dry air dryers from the EKO range with Öko-control system and integrated touch panels and the Graviko dosing system - these are the highlights announced for the Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH at Plastpol 2008.

METROLUX - all inclusive, flexible drying and conveying

Small drying systems with up to three drying bins and integrated conveying system for standardised supply of up to three processing machines - these are features of Motan`s new smart solutions range METROLUX 50 and 80. These compact units meet the requirements of many plastics processors for flexible equipment in material supply, stand-alone solutions covering a wide range of applications.

Piovan's novelties

The Italian Piovan is a leader in quality in the plastics material processing sector. The company has completed a range of auxiliary machinery to respond to any requirement in the specific areas of injection and blow moulding, extrusion, pet preforms and optical applications. Now is introducing all over the world its new product and technologies in example new series of HR dryers, masterbatch doser MDP 2G and chillers.



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