Velteko will show at interpack 2011 its new machines

Velteko will show at interpack 2011 its new machines
Velteko launched new types of packaging machines.

Packaging machine HSV 120 Contiunal Duplex is VFFS packaging machine with two forming tubes that pack in continuous mode with output rate up to 400 bags in a minute.
VFFS packaging machineThanks to continuous development of continual packaging machines and experience with the previous packaging machine line HSV 220 Continual Duplex VELTEKO managed not only to increase the output rate of packaging machine HSV 120 CONTINUAL DUPLEX but simultaneously to reduce its purchase price.

Double tube packaging machine is upgrade of vertical FFS packaging machine HSV 120 CONTINUAL . Thanks to two separate film unwinding systems, that are independently centred on the axis of particular tube, the two identical film reels are used at the same time. It is possible to process shifted packaging films and PE films as well.

Maximum mechanical speed of this packaging machine is 400 bags / minute and the realistic output rate with goods is up to 360 bags / minute. Speed of packaging machine depends on packed commodity, film and used dosing system such as duplex auger and volumetric fillers or multi-head weighers.

Velteko, interpack 2011

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