Solvent free mould cleaner for high temperatures Bezrozpuszczalnikowy środek czyszczący do form wtryskowych do wysokich temperatur

Solvent free mould cleaner for high temperatures
Chem-Trend’s Lusin Clean L101 F mould cleaner saves time and money.

With Lusin Clean L101 F, Chem-Trend introduces its first solvent free mould cleaner specifically developed for use in the thermoplastic industry. Lusin Clean L101 F is non-flammable and can be directly applied to the mould at temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius or 302 degrees Fahrenheit. The newly developed product conforms to NSF K1 and K3 requirements for use in the food industry in non-food contact applications.

Mould cleaners for the thermoplastic industry are used in order to remove plastic residues from moulds and dies, including residues caused by cracking. The cleaning intervals of the moulds are dependent on the respective polymer, as well as the design of the moulded parts. In addition to the cleaning of moulds, Lusin Clean L101 F is also suitable for the cleaning of compounder and master batch equipment contaminated by colour pigments.

- Lusin Clean L101 F is non-flammable and therefore offers increased safety for users - says René Gräwe, Business Development Director Thermoplastic, Chem-Trend. - Until now, the moulds had to cool down before application of the cleaner, leading to long waiting times and reduced process efficiency. With Lusin Clean L101 F, Chem-Trend has developed a product which helps to significantly speed up the mould cleaning process, and therefore increases the productivity of the overall procedure.

Instead of butane or propane as a propellant, Lusin Clean L101 F uses a VOC neutral propellant which has been gained in an environmentally neutral process. Given the choice of propellant the active content of the aerosol can is more than doubled.

Lusin Clean L101 F therefore significantly increases the yield per aerosol can, while providing a consistently high level of cleaning efficiency. Lusin Clean L101 F conforms to NSF K1 and K3 requirements for worldwide use in the manufacturing process of products with high hygienic requirements, such as beverage- and baby bottles, toys, tooth brushes, coffee machines, or other household articles.

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