Plastic Hand-Crank Coffee Mill Grinds On-the-Go

Plastic Hand-Crank Coffee Mill Grinds On-the-Go
If you're a coffee fan and like it from freshly grinded beans, this might be an option just for you. Cheap to use with a lot of style

JavaGrind hand-crank mill grinds more uniformly than electric blade grinders and works when you don't have power. The problem: Really good burr grinders are often extremely expensive.

JavaGrind's hand-crank coffee mill is a hand-powered burr grinder that only costs around $20 and comes highly recommended from great-gear blog Cool Tools. Not only do you get the burr grind, but as a hand-powered gadget, it works wherever you are, whether for your daily office grinds or on an electricity-free camping trip.
Source: Cool Tools.