Paramount Packaging has introduced new machine

Paramount Packaging has introduced new machine
Paramount Packaging, distributor for Fuji Packaging Machinery in the UK and Ireland, has introduced its new Fuji FW3410B Alpha horizontal flow wrapper featuring the Zip-Pak Reseal 360XM resealable closure applicator unit from Zip-Pak. This is the first time the applicator has been featured on a horizontal flow wrapper from Fuji Packaging Machinery.

Previously only available on intermittent vertical form-fill-seal and bag conversion machinery, the applicator offers customers greater flexibility to provide value-added reclosable product packaging.

The new machine produces packs with a secure seal that locks in freshness and aroma and which can be opened and reclosed until the product is all consumed. While consumers benefit from storage convenience, brand owners keep valuable marketing messages in front of the consumer throughout product use. The Reseal 360XM applies closures in the transverse-direction, for an easy-to-use, consumer-preferred top opening package. In this way, the closure is featured prominently, serving as a brand differentiator at point-of-purchase. The enhanced opportunities for graphics and marketing messages also increase shelf impact.

The compact Reseal 360XM is easy to fit, simple to operate, durable and accurate, and allows for faster operation with increased precision. It also stores pre-programmed bag sizes, and offers easy changeover between resealable and conventional packs.

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