P.E.T. Engineering reported an excellent drinktec

P.E.T. Engineering reported an excellent drinktec
P.E.T. Engineering experienced a vivid atmosphere on its stand at the drinktec exhibition in Munich, hold from 16th to 20th September. According to the organisers, drinktec 2013 attracted over 66,000 visitors, from 182 countries, 13 percent up on the last edition while P.E.T. Engineering registered the 125 percent up on 2009.

This great result was achieved thanks to the new ultra light-weighted projects presented, developed with the support of Husky Injection Molding Systems and Novapet.

Evolight, in the 0.5l and 1.5l format, drawn the attention of the public thanks to its record weight and good mechanical performances. The 0.5l, with just 7.5g, is able to guarantee a top load value of more than 200 N that can be increased by 30% when filled with Nitrogen.

The 1.5l is the ideal solution for those companies which want to enhance their brand identity through a unique shape: Evolight 1.5l can be used both for flat products, with 18.9g, and for sparkling ones, just with 22.5g. The innovative structure, which alternates rigid rib areas with flat areas to discharge the force, allows good values of both axial (240 N) and radial top load that guarantee a high performance while pouring.

The support of Husky and Novapet allowed P.E.T. Engineering to develop an ultra-light bottle for milk, only 18.5g for fresh milk, 19.5g for extended shelf life and 21.5g for UHT, which means respectively the 17.7%, 15.2% and 10.4 % less than the weight of the containers currently on the market.

P.E.T. Engineering

The lightening, as well as a combined study of the preform and container, comes also from the adoption of a new material, DCU by Novapet, that allows to obtain the same barrier performance as a multilayer preform but with lower machinery cost and a minor production waste.

With its bottles for HO.RE.CA., blown with Glasstar by Novapet, P.E.T. Engineering showed that PET can be equally impressive and attractive as glass and that can be used for premium products.

P.E.T. Engineering

Matthieu Tribot, Sales Director of P.E.T. Engineering, said that the exhibition was an incredible success, even higher than expected and he commented: "Our new technical developments were greeted with overwhelming approval from all our clients, who confirmed we are fully meeting their needs for eco-friendly, cost effective and high quality bottles.

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