Noble PCTG-Packaging for Armani’s cream pot Crema Nera

Noble PCTG-Packaging for Armani’s cream pot Crema Nera
The French specialist in high quality injection MGS, Izernore / France, has developed a very noble packaging for Armani’s cream pot Crema Nera.

For this application MGS has chosen Skygreen JN200 PCTG distributed in Europe by Hamburg-based raw materials distribution and sales specialist Velox.

Skygreen JN200 PCTG resin is a modified PETG, combining outstanding chemical and mechanical properties as well as an excellent impact resistance.

Skygreen JN200 PCTG resin is easily printable and offers a high design freedom due to a good processability for thin and thick walled devices.

For non colored applications, it also provides an excellent transparence and clarity.
Mino Gaillard Sndg (MGS), Izernore / France, founded in 1925, is the specialist in high quality plastic injection. Its fields of activity extend from cosmetics to agro-alimentary.

Strengthened by a team of 80 dedicated people MGS masters the whole process of material transformation from standard ranges to customized solutions, from conception to finishing and device assembly.

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