New strategic takeover for Piovan

New strategic takeover for Piovan
Just two years after the acquisition of UNA-DYN in the United States (October 2008), Piovan carries out another important operation aimed at strengthening its growth, particularly in the extrusion sector.

Piovan acquires the controlling interest in FDM GmbH, a firm specialised in dosing technologies for industrial sectors that manufacture plastic products by means of extrusion.

Established in Königswinter (Germany) in 2003, FDM will achieve a turnover of more than € 5 million this year. A staff of 25 collaborators skilled in dosing processes for extrusion ensures the Piovan Group the necessary expertise for identifying and implementing the best technical solutions for the most complex engineering projects. Perfect construction, selected materials and careful details make the FDM product a cutting-edge choice.

With this strategic operation, Piovan therefore intends making use of FDM’s recognised reliability and expertise, for strengthening its own presence in the extrusion sector, thereby guaranteeing an important positioning in a rapidly growing market on a world level.

“Qualitative innovation of the product, to meet customer requirements, is always a cornerstone of our growth strategy. Which is why we saw FDM, and its product philosophy and approach to customers, as the answer we’ve been looking for in order to grow in sectors that are very promising for us”, stated Nicola Piovan, President and CEO of the Group of the same name.


Piovan is a leader in quality in the plastics material processing sector.