New dispersions from Synthos Nowości w ofercie dyspersji firmy Synthos

New dispersions from Synthos
The first of new products, offered by the name of Osakryl AW24, is an acrylic binder designed for decorative and protective coatings applied onto wooden bases, including stains, varnish stains and water-thinned lacquers. This is the first dispersion in our offer, which is dedicated for products applied on wood. Apart from very good water-resisting characteristics of this binder (low water absorbability), it is also worthy noticing that the material has very good adhesion to old alkyl coatings.

Another new product in the offer is Osakryl OSA H - elastic styrene-acrylic binder for binary cement-based hydro-insulating compounds and concrete modifications, and for hydro-insulating foils commonly called "liquid foils". A definite advantage of this binder is its excellent compatibility with cement, low water absorbability (ensuring very good water absorbability of finished products) and very good mechanical properties of finished products.

The Osakryl OSA S20 styrene-acrylic dispersion is recommended as an all-purpose binder for the production of internal and external paints, decorative and protective plasters, and primers. Basic parameters characterising this product are specified in the table.This binder performs very well wherever it is necessary to ensure optimal balance between mechanical resistance of coating (grindability, adhesion to base) and decorative properties including: covering power and colour fastness that is long service life. The product is also recommended for various types of plaster finishes - including conventional acrylic, and silicone or silicate façade finishes, as it guarantees optimal adhesion and resistance to external factors.

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