New PVC / TPU jacketing compounds

New PVC / TPU jacketing compounds
IMCD expands its portfolio with PVC / TPU jacketing compounds for industrial data and control cable.

IMCD Business Group Plastics announces extension of its current product portfolio with the two new compounds from Teknor Apex Company.

Apex P-55003 and P-55004 are jacketing compounds based on blends of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that provide outstanding resistance to the aggressive end-use conditions often encountered by industrial cables.

“Teknor Apex developed these new Apex PVC / TPU blends to provide durable protection for cable that is in constant movement, is subjected to rough handling, or is exposed to the aggressive substances often found in factory settings,” said Mike Patel, wire and cable industry manager. “They provide a combination of flexibility, toughness, and low temperature endurance that is well suited for a broad range of industrial applications.”

Apex P-55003 and P-55004 compounds not only have advanced abrasion resistance and excellent tensile properties associated with TPUs, but they also provide resistance to oil and chemicals, toughness at low temperatures, and elevated oxygen indices. The two new compounds are therefore recommended for applications such as factory automation networks, industrial robots, and other plant systems that call for data or control cable.

Dr. Stephan Neis, IMCD’s Manager Business Unit Plastics & Advanced Industries, stated: “These new PVC/TPU blends will potentially allow us to enter applications where on one hand PVC compounds are not sufficient to match all requirements, and on the other hand pure TPU may be over-engineered and too expensive. Thus, the new PVC/TPU blends provide a perfect balance in properties for many industrial cable applications.”

IMCD expands its portfolio with PVC / TPU jacketing compounds for industrial data and control cable.

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