New Octal's extrusion plant in US

New Octal's extrusion plant in US
Octal will commence commercial operations in the United States in the later half of 2014 with a new extrusion facility in Cincinnati focused primarily on recycling PET sheet flake from its customers and other manufacturers. Octal's product line will include products with both post-industrial and post-consumer flake content.

Octal ships significant volumes of its world leading DPET sheet to North America. Keeping the DPET flake stream pure for reprocessing into an ultra high quality domestically available product is the natural next step in developing the our business here," stated William J. Barenberg, Jr COO, Octal. "And the Cincinnati site will give us this capability along with the flexibility to supply post-consumer content options as well.

"The Cincinnati plant site was selected based on a rigorous 'Site Screening Study' that determined this location to be optimal based on its centralized location in relation to the raw material inflows and customer destinations. Additionally, the practical aspect of logistics into and out of the site are excellent," stated Barenberg. "This new plant is our proactive response to our customers' stated need for flake reprocessing and quick turnaround delivery options in North America."

The new plant will provide an additional manufacturing base for Octal products and a platform for developing the next packaging technologies thermoformers and food processors and retailers are demanding. The plant is sized for future capacity enhancement as well, and Octal expects to double its output 18 months after startup.