New Haitian Jupiter II Series

New Haitian Jupiter II Series
The Jupiter II series has been available on the market since the beginning of the year. "We have overhauled the machine from the ground up, the design now has a clean and tidy appearance, the technical weaknesses were addressed, and new clamping force classes have been added. Of all of the series the Jupiter II has definitely taken the biggest step in terms of development" says Mr. Fu Nanhong, Chief Engineer of Haitian International Ltd. The new Jupiter is significantly more stable, and the rapid, friction free movements are impressive; it has energy efficient drives and is quiet at the same time. And the choice of up to six injection sizes for each clamping unit offers a lot of flexibility.

"We exhibited the new Jupiter at Chinaplas for the first time and we got a lot of positive feedback from all sides" says Professor Helmar Franz, CSO and member of the executive board at Haitian International. "It is the best equipped for international challenges". As per tradition the new machine was first introduced in China. The response has been remarkable: the first few months saw orders and particularly shipments of over 100 units. There are already orders coming from Europe as well - ahead of the official marketing launch.



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