Müller Italy: With GIZEH Elegance on the Shelves

Müller Italy: With GIZEH Elegance on the Shelves

The premium line “Crema di Yogurt” from Müller Milch dairy has a new look. The premium yogurt can now be found on supermarket shelves throughout Italy in a high-quality decorated plastic cup from GIZEH. The new packaging involves a thermal-formed 500 gram round cup made from polypropylene and decorated by GIZEH with an OPS sleeve in an attractive design. “Crema di Yogurt” is available in nine delicious flavours. Müller Italy previously sold its yogurt in printed polystyrene cups.

The most important goal in redesigning the packaging was to accentuate the high-quality character of the premium yogurt with a corresponding packaging design. It is considered to be one of the characteristics of the Italian market that much better margins can be obtained with products offered in high-quality packaging than in other European countries.

GIZEH thus continues its successful cooperation with the dairy company Alois Müller with this project for Müller Italy. For several years now GIZEH has already provided specialized packaging solutions for the well-known brands of the Müller Group in Germany, including the popular “Weihenstephan” brand.

Crema di Yogurt from Müller Milch