Koch exhibits technology with components from its modular system

Koch exhibits technology with components from its modular system
Dry air dryers from the EKO range with Öko-control system and integrated touch panels and the Graviko dosing system - these are the highlights announced for the Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH at Plastpol 2008.

For dry air dryers from the EKO range Koch shows its patented Öko control systems - a material protecting and energy saving drying solution. The systems guarantees that heatsensitive materials such as PA, PC, LCP or PCM cannot become over dry in the reserve containers.

If little or no material is removed from a reserve container because of a reduced demand, there is an increased risk that the continous flow of hot air will damage the material. When a specified temperature is reached in the top of the reserve container, the incoming and exhaust air are automatically shut off. The entire container goes into idle position. The machine only begins to operate again if material is removed or the granulate loses heat and cools down. Hereby energy savings up to 40 % are possible. Pre-dried, tempered material is accessible at any time.

The Graviko GK 150 for machine throughputs up to 150 kg/h, sufficient for 4 measuring stations

A integrated touch panel with 7,5`` colour screen offers users a convenient overview of the whole system. Functions like drying temperature, regulation of the air volume, hold time monitoring, throughput calculations and energy saving are shown clearly and it is easy to adjust the settings. By the dew point recording round the clock users have a window with a clear image of dew point readings for the past 24 hours. Analyzing these readings shows the actual load on the dryer and indicates problem-free operation.

With a slider, or alternatively using a star feeder (chamber volume dosing), the individual components (grain, powder, ground materials or semolina) are dosed into a container with a scale. There is also a miniscule quantity dosing slider available for miniscule quantities of 0.3 g and better. A scale then records the actual weight of the individual components which reports to the KOCH control and compares it with the set weight. Based on its closed chamber volume, the patented GRAVIKO offers a precision with a tolerance of +/- 3 grains when dosing 1000 grains. GRAVIKO can be used directly on the injection moulding machine and is also completely compatible with the other dosing devices, mixers, feed devices and other accessories from Koch-Technik. Quick-acting closures, slide and swivel devices ensure rapid changes and assembly without using tools.

EKO dry-air dryer with the Öko control system

For more than 30 years, the name Koch-Technik has been synonymous with innovation, precision, modular flexibility and cost-effectiveness in the mixing, feeding, conveying and drying of plastic granulates and plastic powders. Use of our equipment and systems in more than 4000 plastic processing companies around the world records the acceptance and high efficiency of these systems in everyday production work.


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