Hyundai and SABIC Innovative Plastics collaboration

3D Backlight of “ix-onic” concept highlights newest Hyundai and SABIC Innovative Plastics collaboration on Polycarbonate Glazing Technology.

Polycarbonate glazing has become an important tool for automakers to differentiate their vehicles. This technology offers greater design freedom, higher performance and lighter weight than traditional glass.

To create a distinctive backlight for its new compact “ix-onic” SUV concept, recently on display at the 79th Salon International de L’Automobile, Hyundai Motor Company collaborated with SABIC Innovative Plastics to take advantage of Exatec E900 glazing featuring Lexan GLX polycarbonate resin. SABIC Innovative Plastics, having worked side-by-side with Hyundai on several projects including the recent Hyundai QarmaQ, is committed to helping its automotive customers achieve business success.

- Our glazing solutions offer auto designers vast new options for creating the vehicles of the future - said Stephen Shuler, glazing business segment leader for SABIC Innovative Plastics. - Our longstanding relationship with the Hyundai Design Center and our unique Exatec technology helped create this unique backlight, offering dramatic aesthetics, sleek aerodynamics and durability. Polycarbonate glazing can help automakers meet consumer demand for high style combined with practical performance vs. traditional glass.

SABIC Innovative Plastics and Hyundai joined forces to design a sculpted, three-dimensional backlight with integrated roof- and vertical-spoiler features and an integrated high-mounted brake light. On each side of the rear window two vertical spoilers are integrated to reduce aerodynamic drag. The upper part of the window features a complex concave shape to make it possible to integrate the roof spoiler in the rear window. Additionally, Exatec glazing helped to incorporate the third brake light in the upper part of the rear window. Finally, a three-dimensional curvature surrounds the rear wiper to enhance its visual integration into the molded backlight.

Prior to the ”ix-onic” glazing project, SABIC Innovative Plastics collaborated with Hyundai on the QarmaQ Advanced Technology Demonstration Vehicle, which showcased a panoramic wrap-around glazing area and C-shaped side windows created using Exatec glazing technology. Exatec solutions are part of the SABIC Innovative Plastics’ “Signature Surfaces” offering.

Exatec E900 glazing benefits from Lexan GLX resin’s crystal clarity, virtually unbreakable impact strength and reduction of mass and weight. Injection molding enables complex shapes and integration of functionality such as the high-mounted brake light on the ix-onic.

Tough Lexan GLX resin also enhances occupant safety and security by protecting against breakage. Also available in the new solar control infrared (IR) version, transparent Lexan GLX resin can prevent heat build-up through IR absorption, keeping the interior climate comfortable for the passengers of the car while maintaining fuel economy.

To increase abrasion resistance and weatherability of the polycarbonate, Exatec plasma coating is applied to the part. The Exatec E900 coating system provides an extremely high level of scratch resistance, allowing a polycarbonate window to pass the driver visibility requirements that are necessary for a global vehicle as well as enabling the use of a wiper on a polycarbonate backlight. Additionally, Exatec has developed a window defroster technology that could be applied to a polycarbonate backlight.