HaloPolymer: record-breaking performance figures for sulfur hexafluoride

 HaloPolymer: record-breaking performance figures for sulfur hexafluoride
Following the results of December 2012, the production of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) in the enterprises of HaloPolymer holding, which is the only sulfur hexafluoride producer in the Eastern Europe and ranked to be the 6th in the world market of sulfur hexafluoride, made 130 tons. This index can guarantee the holding the annual volume of sulfur hexafluoride production to be 1,500 tonnes or more per year, which is 9% of global production.

Just in 12 months of 2012 there has been produced more than 1277.7 tonnes of SF6, which is 11.5% higher than during the previous year.

The sulfur hexafluoride is widely used in the electrical engineering industry as an insulator, in electronic and metal industries as a technological process medium, and also used as an insulator in the middle-range high-voltage electrical equipment at power facilities.

HaloPolymer produces the SF6 of 4N purity that is massively applied in most industries. - Part of the sulfur hexafluoride that we manufacture has purity of 5N0 (this gas is used in specifically narrow areas as medicine, laser and pulse technical equipment), however, 4N specification remains in demand the most today by the market - the CEO of HaloPolymer, ОАО Maxim Doroshkevich provided his comment. – The holding achieved the high production performance rates due to a number of actions aimed to increase the production of fluorine gas (raw material to manufacture SF6), as well as arranging more effective operation of equipment.