Fanuc at K 2013

Moving on to the control system used by the Roboshot IMMs, Wolfgang Haak points to the actual energy displayed in KWh on the control system screen. He added: "The customer doesn’t have to take a specific external energy measurement. The Fanuc system is the most effective transparency tool for customers with regard to their energy balance."

Fanuc Roboshot highlight at a glance

Sustainable process capability - stable moulding through Backflow Monitor and Precise Metering Control PMC2&3: The behaviour of melt in the cylinder is detected and shown on the screen. The first feature is the Backflow Monitor which shows the backflow of material at the time of injection on a screen. This allows conclusions (feedback) regarding the stability of the injection, the closing characteristics of the non-return valve as well as its status. The second feature is the Precise Metering Control (PMC2&3). Residual pressure in the screw flights compensates volume displacements at the end of the dosing cycle. It guarantees a constant dosing volume and minimizes weight deviations of the parts to be moulded.

The AI mould protection and AI ejector functions of the Fanuc Roboshot series of IMMs are very effective in safeguarding a longer lifetime of the mould. The AI mould protection function stops the platen motion instantaneously as soon as it detects foreign parts or obstacles remaining in the mould - thus preventing damage to the mould. It also averts damage to the slide core and inserts when the mould is opened. Furthermore, the AI ejector function is very effective in preventing damage to the ejector when it moves forward or backwards. The machine reacts before damage can occur at the mould, as soon as an ejector's movement starts to stiffen up.

Fanuc at K 2013



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