EU subsidies for Krones’ PET recycling process

EU subsidies for Krones’ PET recycling process
Under the aegis of the EU’s programme for competitiveness and innovation, the European Commission is supporting Krones in introducing an FDA-compliant flake recycling process.

The aim is to successfully establish eco-compatible processes and environment-friendly products on the European market, and thus upgrade the competitive capabilities of companies in the EU. The Krones recycling process enables resource-economy to be progressed by reducing waste, emissions and pollutants, thus making an important contribution to protecting the natural environment.

From the multiplicity of applications from all over Europe submitted to and scrutinised by the EU, Krones’ SuperPET project was rated as particularly deserving of support by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI), and has now been correspondingly approved.

The crucial factors behind the decision to support Krones’ PET recycling process (also referred to as the Super-Clean PET Flake Process) were not only the cost-efficiency of the system’s operation and the high quality of the recyclate obtained, but also its high market potential in the EU 27 nations. On the PET recycling market, Krones is offering a fully developed, field-trialled technology that is able to produce food-quality flakes from used PET bottles for making new PET containers. This innovative process saves on both electricity and thermal energy, on water and new raw materials, with concomitant economies in terms of crude oil as well. The reduction in CO2 emissions is substantial.