Durable, ecological and recyclable

Durable, ecological and recyclable
Evonik launched Plexiglas. It is durable and can be completely recycled.

Many plastics show visible yellowing in the course of time. That is why a 10-year guarantee of transparency is the norm in the world of plastics. Plexiglas is different: Evonik guarantees that clear-transparent sheets will remain free from yellowing for 30 years. Where other transparent plastic sheets have to be exchanged twice after their original installation, Plexiglas remains almost unchanged and therefore makes a major contribution to conserving resources. This was also one of the outstanding points in its favor in the recently performed eco-balance examinations.

The environmental impact of Plexiglas from production to recycling was examined and rated positively in this eco-balance in accordance with DIN ISO 14040ff.

Apart from its durability, Plexiglas is also convincing in terms of recycling. It can be broken down into its original chemical constituents or directly and completely recycled.

Nowadays, corporate decisions focus on the interests of present and future generations, and on economic, ecological and social concerns. It is with this responsibility in mind that we produce Plexiglas by means of environmentally sound processes. We ensure that our products are environmentally compatible and contain no harmful substances.

Thus, for example, Plexiglas is free from hormone-related substances and heavy metals. It contains neither asbestos nor formaldehyde, CFCs, PCB, PCT or plasticizers. In addition, Plexiglas complies with the relevant directives for use in toys and packaging.

Plexiglas also offers effective protection against UV radiation, which is known to cause skin damage. A transparent roof made of Plexiglas has a UV protection factor of UPF 50+.

Plexiglas is distinguished by its lack of toxicity in the event of a fire. It does not produce any acutely toxic smoke gases or dense smoke, which means that escape and rescue routes remain visible.

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