“ActiveCool+Clean“ forSumitomo Demag’s Systec machines System „activeCool+Clean

“ActiveCool+Clean“ forSumitomo Demag’s Systec machines
Perfect oil quality is the basis and prerequisite of the unrestricted operation of a hydraulic plastics injection moulding machine. Both, oil purity and temperature within the optimal range are indispensible for efficient production.

Clean oil at just the right temperature will guarantee high quality of the product and energy-efficient production. More-over, a low oil particle load will noticeably reduce the wear and tear of the overall system, and thus contribute to making production even more efficient.

This is exactly what the new filter cooler system “activeCool+Clean” by Sumitomo (SHI) Demag does. All Systec machines come with an additional hydraulic circuit in the standard configuration. This circuit is operated by a small energy-efficient low-pressure pump and exclus-ively supplies fluid to the oil filter and cooler. This additional hydraulic circuit will guarantee constant and pulsation-free flow of oil. This, in turn, will result in best dust separation in the fines filter, plus reliable cycle-independent cooling. Aging of oil is significantly reduced, and an oil service life of forty thousand (40,000) hours may be achieved.

“ActiveCool+Clean“ forSumitomo Demag’s Systec machines