Nobel Biocare's dental healing caps are molded of Solvay’s

7 Feb 2011, 0:00 Plastech

Biomaterial delivers exceptional performance in dental implant application Nobel Biocare, a leading supplier of restorative and esthetic dental solutions, has introduced dental healing caps made of Eviva polysulfone (PSU) resin from Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC, for excellent biocompatibility, practical toughness, and sterilizability via gamma radiation. Eviva PSU resin is part of Solvay’s Solviva line of biomaterials that are offered for use in implantable medical devices. Nobel Biocare's dental healing caps are molded of Solvay’s read>>

10 Feb 2011, 2:57 Shirley

Thermoformed blister pack trays can be as simple as an opened, flat-bottom tray or designed and formed to specific shapes for containing individual items.
By definition, a blister pack tray helps to contain or transport items and this applies to the industrial sector as well as to consumer goods.
By using this kind of blister pack trays, the product/components can be well fixed in the blister pack trays, well protected and visible.
Customers don't need to force the product into a package, Blister pack trays and clamshells can be produced in any customized size or shape to fit the products.

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