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12 Apr 2012, 5:14 Lindase

Bags are available in an array of different sizes, colors, materials and styles. Sizes can are the clutch, a diminutive strapless pouch, to the over night size that may fit almost everything you have aside from your kitchen sink.


Wholesale bags can be found in every color underneath the sun, that is convenient for the accessory-aware and fashion conscious woman that think that their shoes and hand bags must always match. Knowing that you'd believe that buying shoes and handbags will be easy. However, this isn't the case since when creating a selection such things as color, size, material, cost and manufacturer and what function the bag will serve are an issue for making your final decision regarding which to buy.


Wholesale bags can be bought on line or through any department store or retail center. Usually you'll find them at certain shoe stores, but shopping in shops that focus on bags could be a little costly for all those individuals on a budget and buying wholesale bags is really a method of not just finding and purchasing bags, but it is also a terrific way to conserve money.

History of Bags

Bags have already been around since 14th century ancient Egypt, where these were worn strapped to the hip and their purpose was to transport and individual's most precious possessions. In those days these were flamboyantly decorated and obviously defined the financial status of the wearer. By the 16th century, bags were used to transport more practical items and drawstring was added as a closure. It had been along about that time that men were seen with one of these "pouches" also it was considered most stylish. It was not before 1940's that bags really took on a noticeable change when zippers, frames, leather and snaps were added.


By the 1950's a few design houses came to exist and put a brand new spin on bags and thus catapulted the bag to the world of products. It had been out of this period of time that that the largest names in handbags and purses begun to create their marks on the bag manufacturing industry and also have successfully prospered for 60 years. Bags have experienced so lots of transformations since Egyptian instances when bags were created using cloth. Today they are available in plastic, leather, suede, alligator and snake skin.

Bags wholesale are a terrific way to experience designer influence without paying designer prices!

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