Titech Technology first choice to sort PET flake at Eco Plastics

1 Mar 2012, 0:00 Plastech

TITECH has developed a world-class solution that will allow the sorting of PET flake by material and colour simultaneously, providing a milestone in the quality and purity of the PET output. Titech Technology first choice to sort PET flake at ECO Plastics read>>

13 Mar 2012, 9:06 *.255.76.110

It's awesome that you care for the pleant. It'd be great if people tried to use alternatives to conserve the earth. Here's some ideas you may be able to use. Just remeber hairspray ain't gonna be much a difference here's some of the bigger issues.1. get a car ( larger vehicles use up more gasoline) possibly one that doesn't need oil. You also get some tax incentive benefit out of that or something and can use the carpool lane w/ a single person.2. get Energy Saver products like washers, dryers, lightbulbs and anything else when purchasing something new.3. there are windows that are energy saving that you can research and look for4.showers not baths5. Don't leave the lights/computers/tv on if you're not using them.6.use fans instead of air conditioners7.battery operated stuff versus something you plug into a socket.8.plastic bags over paper. Recycle those plastic bags by using them as small trash bags for your bathroom trash can.its the corporations and factors and stuff that can do alot just by turning off the lights and computers when they leave work for the night but one step at a time I suppose

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