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Hi Everyone,
This is a sales from Ningchuang Metalware Co, Ltd.
Our company was established in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in 2003. After unceasing accumulation and exploration, we have formed a thorough industrial chain of industrial research and development and the design, manufacture and marketing of processed products, like mold manufacture, injection molding, mold base, components and parts, fixture and jig etc. In order to ensure the top quality and high taste of our products, NCH became the strategic partner of Foxconn Group in 2012 by virtue of Foxconn’s outstanding scale advantage, advanced equipment,excellent manufacture technical capacity, full digitized processing and full networked management, which guarantees our customers’ benefits in all respects. NCH offers all-around services in order receiving, design, proofing, volume production, freight logistics and quality track etc.
If you're interested in our company, please visit our website.
Here is our website link:
Thank you!

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