The World’s First 8-Color Flexo Printing and Die-cutting

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The World’s First 8-Color Flexo Printing and Die-cutting Machine of Dual Servo Drive System
——TOPRA PD-S of DongFang Precision
Featuring light-weight, pressure-resistant, durable against puncturing and tearing, corrugated cartons integrate mechanical functions of cushioning, shockproof and ease of formation. Meanwhile they are highly applicable to decorative printing, recyclable and pollution-free, which makes them economical and easy to stack. Therefore corrugated cartons are increasingly wide used with related industry developing ever faster than before. Nowadays corrugated cartons have become the most wide used containers in modern packaging as well as one of the most important packing forms around the world. Output value of paper packaging accounts for 40% of that of overall packaging industry in China (over 45% in developed countries), while output value of corrugated cartons accounts for more than 60% of that of paper packaging. With rapid growth of economy, packaging for retails is becoming more and more dazzling whereby the sellers of goods try to catch eyeballs of customers with brilliant packaging, by which costly goods shelf and display space are fully utilized. Some well-known brands ask much of design of packaging, expecting high level in uniformity of exterior of products as well as the total loyalty of colors to brand itself. So the sellers of goods expect ever more of corrugated carton printing.

Integrated corrugated carton packaging machinery is usually 4-color and up to 7-color both in China and worldwide. Due to its LPI, it is applicable to carton printing to a limited extent. Despite the equipment meets production needs of users for the time being, the utilization of it is quite low in case of insufficiency of orders given its operation cost. As the unique leader and pioneer of high-end integrated corrugated carton packaging machinery in China, Guangdong DongFang Precision Science & Technology Co., Ltd successfully developed TOPRA PD-S,the world’s first 8-color felxo printing and die-cutting machine of dual servo drive system in Aug 2012 based on its incessant efforts of research development. Equipped with world-leading numerical control servo drive system and eight printer units, this machine is the latest product with most printing colors available globally in integrated corrugated carton packaging machinery industry. Compared with ordinary integrated corrugated carton packaging machinery, TOPRA PD-S is highlighted in following aspects:

1. Multifunction with High Utilization in Production
Limited by the range of printing, the integrated corrugated carton packaging machinery of up to 7-color is solely aimed for coated paper cartons of high LPI, not suitable for normal kraft & white-top paper cartons. In this condition, when orders of high-end cartons in coated paper are insufficient, the machine will be left unused causing waste of resource and rise in operation cost.

With TOPRA PD-S, the above technical problem is now easily solved. The independent servo motor control applied to the machine can realize synchronization of printing for both coated paper cartons of high LPI and normal kraft & white-top cartons, reaching compatibility of high-end printing and medium-level printing on one machine for the first time in the industry, which is then a perfect solution for carton manufacturers to limited range of printing due to LPI of machine. In the meantime, max machine speed of TOPRA PD-S 1224/28 reaches 220pcs/min, double that of similar machines in the market.

2. Energy-saving and Environment-protective, Trend Leader of the Industry.
When less than 8 colors are needed for printing in work of TOPRA PD-S, high power motor of unneeded printer unit will stop working. Low power motor will be started for transfer of paperboards and thus reduce energy consumption effectively.

When orders of medium or small size cartons are performed, control system of the machine can lower the frequency of exhaust fan for vacuum transfer, reducing working power of motors and saving energy accordingly. A set of TOPRA PD-S is estimated to save around 100 thousand kw-hr of electric power every year against other integrated corrugated carton packaging machinery in service.

Besides, TOPRA PD-S adopts four technologies including Auto Compensation for Printing Plate Length by NC Servo Drive System, Register Synchronization by NC Servo Drive System, Correcting Device for Tilted Printing Plate and Cleaning Device of Environmental Protection and Ink Saving, which have been independently developed by DongFang Precision for saving water and ink more efficiently. Also DongFang Precision has introduced exclusively Central Dust Collecting System—Impulse Type Dust Collector to considerably reduce pollution discharge and purify working environment effectively.

3. Advanced Technology Demonstrating Strength of National Industry
According to, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China released on its website in 2011 the Index of Instructions for Industrial Structure Adjustment (edition 2011), a crucial basis for the government to lead investment orientation, manage investment projects, formulate and implement polices in finance, taxation, land and import & export, which is categorized into Encouragement, Limitation and Elimination. Compared with edition 2005, the Article 5 of Mechanical Section under the category of Encouragement in 2011 edition instructs that speed of integrated flexo printing machinery for corrugated carton packaging should be equal to or above 150meter/min, which is far behind the max machine speed of TOPRA PD-S.

In China, market of integrated corrugated carton packaging machinery used to be monopolized by foreign manufacturers. However, encouraged by national politics and propelled by the national industry spirits of incessant self-improvement, a lot of national industry prides like DongFang Precision have been emerging. Now, not only are these excellent national enterprises shining in domestic market but also are competing face-to-face with first-class foreign manufacturers in every corner of the world. The world’s first 8-color felxo printing and die-cutting machine of dual servo drive system brilliantly developed by DongFang Precision is the very demonstration of rising national industry of China!

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