The Introduction of Injection Mold Cae Technology
Injection Moulding

15 Dec 2014, 9:42 Foxconnmold

NCH is a professional enterprise that works on injection moulding. We have a dominant market in plastic moulding CAE software all through. Recently CAE has been widespread used in automobile, electrommunication and other fields.

CAE technology could be used to conduct an analogy analysis on the whole injection moulding process on the computer before the mould is processed. It can forcast accurately the padding, pressure maintaining and cooling of the melt, and it can also forcast the stress distribution, molecule and fiber orientation distribution and shrink and buckling deformation of the products, which can help the designers find the probelms as early as possbile and alter the products and mold design in time instead of reparing molds after die trial. This is a breakthrough to the traditional design procedures of plastic mold, and it's of great technical and economic significance in reducing and even avoiding the repair and scrap of mold, improving product quality and reducing cost and so forth.

Plastic molding design adopts not only CAD technology but also CAE technology,which is the inexorable trend of development. CAE technology has become the most efficient approch to the weak links of plastic product development, mold design and product processing.

NCH adheres to the tenets of " quality first, keep improving, continuous improvement and zero defect" all along. Keeping forging ahead for development, speeding up for efficiency, aming at cooperation, mutual assistance and win-win, the requirements of customers are embodied in every project of every employee in accordance with the management idea of " achievement in business, willingness in employees and satisfaction in customers", all of which is the executive force of an enterprise. NCH pays attention to the working skills of employees, but we pay more attention to the professional ethics of employees. Alothough technology is very important, we're formly believed that it is not only the technology but also the earnest working attitude that play a leading role. We're looking forward to cooperating with you and we'll offer you first class quality, the highest efficiency and the most satisfactory services. We endeavor to become our customers' strategic development partner to research and develop, share and grow together.

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