Tappi International Seminar Set for SinoCorrugated 2013

3 Feb 2013, 14:56 Sinocorrugated

Reed Exhibitions, organizers of SinoCorrugated 2013, will join forces with the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) to co-host the TAPPI International Seminar on-site during the exhibition. This discussion platform will give visitors insights into the optimal solutions for improving efficiency in the production of corrugated boxes, upgrading quality and reducing waste products.

TAPPI is an industry association that focuses on pulp, papermaking and paper processing. Established in 1915, it is today the world’s biggest paper trade association.

SinoCorrugated 2011 was the first time TAPPI held an on-site International Symposium, which was a great success. The event served to inform many senior executives from Chinese corrugated box manufacturers, in detail, about the processes and experiences of their American counterparts. Through the show, they learned about equipment manufacturing, production technologies and enterprise management. Many of the issues raised at the first forum became hot topics among Chinese paper box producers and inspired new development trends.

At SinoCorrugated 2013, TAPPI will again work with Reed to run a three-day TAPPI International Seminar concurrent to the show. During the seminar, Rick Croker, Technical Services Director at Georgia Pacific Corporation, and his colleague John Buzzell, the company’s Sr. Field Service Tech., will lead a seminar titled “TAPPI’s Best Practices on the Corrugator”.

Mr. Croker has 30 years of industry experience, while Mr. Buzzell is a renowned and skillful troubleshooter for problems that arise on the corrugated board production line. Completing the Best Practices on the Corrugator faculty are Steve Nerney, MarquipWardUnited, Alan Ives, Kadant Johnson, John Donahue, Donahue & Associates, Greg Close, Jasol Asia Pacific, and Joe Siciliano, Albany International Corporation.

The TAPPI International Forum will be open to managers of corrugated production lines, supervisors of paper box factories, head engineers and technical service managers with one to five years’ experience.

The main topics to be addressed include:

• Theory of corrugated cardboard production and solutions to common operational problems;
• Distinguishing key features of paperboard/starch adhesive and how to control warpage;
• Operating the corrugated production line;
• Controlling and minimizing downtime;
• Maximizing production line efficiency and maintaining quality standards.

Because the regulations of TAPPI on measurement, evaluation and description of pulp, paper and paper products (including raw materials like pulp wood) are recognized as the international standard, the seminar at SinoCorrugated will be a powerful technical platform for elite members of the Chinese corrugated industry.

The TAPPI International Seminar will have capacity for only 100 top corrugated industry practitioners and provide a simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and English. The organizers are now sending invitations for high-end corrugated and paperboard industrial insiders to come and share their insights into advanced technologies, management processes and other key industry information.

For further details, please visit the official TAPPI website: www.tappi.org, or the official SinoCorrugated 2013 website: www.sino-corrugated.com.

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