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A thorough assessment of the packaging printing industry clearly shows something interesting – the industry situation can be compared to a fortress. Those within the industry have been struggling for years and become experienced and skilled, while those outside, mainly from the fields of printing commercial materials, books and magazines remain relatively unaware of the situation. Although they have considerable scale and strength, traditional printing businesses have plummeted in number due to irreversible trends brought about by the dawn of electronic media. With hope and uncertainty, they have therefore entered the packaging field. But is packaging printing the thoroughfare that leads to success? SinoFoldingCarton 2014 will answer this question in detail.
With the development of the global economy and the upgrading of the consumption structure, market supply and demand will continue its rapid development. The growth rate of China’s packaging printing industry far exceeds that of the country’s GDP. Indeed, packaging printing is one of the few areas in the printing market to have not been adversely affected by the impact of electronic media. Due to relatively higher profits, folding carton printing has attracted a greater number of packaging printing enterprises to increase operational investments, enlarge production spaces and purchase new equipment.

In recent years, domestic packaging consumption has soared due to rising consumption levels among the population. Growing packaging requirements have promoted the improved quality of packaging printing as well as demand in China. At the same time, the rampant growth of electronic publications has shrunk the traditional paper printing sector to the extent that ever more book, magazine and commercial material printing companies are bracing themselves for the worst. They are redirecting their business in the hopes of finding new profit engines beyond their existing operations. Packaging printing has become the primary choice for many of them to make new fortunes. Printing enterprises that used to work in different fields of printing are all migrating to package printing.

With the commodity economy continuing to flourish in China, packaging markets for many products, including food, beverages and pharmaceuticals, are expected to grow rapidly. The prospects in China’s packaging printing market are very promising. Data from the State Statistical Bureau show that China’s packaging printing industry maintained stable growth in 2013. Next year, the global packaging printing market’s CAGR will be 5.6%; while in China, the rate will be 9.6%, the second highest in the world. With competition in the printing market getting increasingly fierce, the gaps in printing quality have narrowed. Another change has been that folding carton manufacturers are paying greater attention to post-print processing. In their marketing, they are now highlighting post-print techniques, rather than printing machines. They are also trying to attract customers and win more orders by providing a greater variety of packaging products through post-print techniques that add value to, and improve the quality of, products. There is a huge range of post-print equipment that uses diverse techniques to choose from. As post-print processing is critical to the entire production flow of packaging products, folding carton producers are investing more into selecting and purchasing post-print equipment.

SinoFoldingCarton is the leading folding carton post-print processing equipment and consumables show in Asia-Pacific. The event is also the trusted barometer for the global folding carton industry and a compass for enterprise development. From April 10 to 12, SinofoldingCarton 2014 will be held at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan. The event will be produced by Reed Exhibitions, one of the largest trade show organizers in the world. Over the years, SinoFoldingCarton has attracted extensive attention from well-known folding carton post-print processing equipment manufacturers, both locally and from abroad. In 2014, these exhibitors will showcase their latest and most complete products and technologies during the three-day event. Industry professionals from all over the globe can expect a visual extravaganza onsite.

About SinoFoldingCarton 2014 – Asia-Pacific's leading event for post-print manufacturing equipment and consumables from the folding carton industry. The exhibition disseminates key, up-to-date information and promotes advanced technologies from across the entire carton packaging industry. It also showcases post-print equipment and consumables, providing folding carton manufacturers with prime solutions for energy-saving, consumption reduction and highly efficient production. The show is an international trading platform via which manufacturers of folding carton boxes significantly enhance purchasing efficiency; cut costs and discover new trade information and technologies.
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