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3 Mar 2016, 7:53 Sinocorrugated

The rise of the internet, leading the rapid development of global electronic commerce, changing the consumption model, brings the golden opportunities for the revolutionary development of express industry and packaging industry. According to the monitoring data issued by State Postal Bureau on 12th, main electronic enterprises produced a total of express logistics order 460,000,000 pieces on November 11th, an increase of 65% over the same period last year. This large number of orders brought a significant growth to packaging industry revenue.

To Meet with the Electronic Packaging Development Needs, Packaging Industry Changes the Production Direction

Packaging functions changed by a rapid development of commercial packaging cannot be ignored that further breakthroughs not only in terms of recycling, but also meet the personalized needs of small orders. In response to these changing needs, corrugated factories must learn to shift production to meet the trends in access to new business opportunities.

Internet economy, diversification and individualization of consumption demand of consumers are gradually released, in which "small batches and many styles, rapid responses" meet the normal market needs. C2B model begins to emerge which forces the acceleration of flexible production. Packaging business continue to create packaging O2O Platform for B sized small business and C customers with DIY package and customized packaging services, which will further expand innovative packaging service areas and customized packaging users. At the same time, packaging enterprises should collaborate with big electronic brands to optimize the packaging service scale and structure, to accumulate Internet operating experience that make you stand out in the field of e-commerce packaging logistics.

Packaging enterprises can try to launch personalized packaging services for small sellers in Taobao to leveraging the long tail market of corrugated packaging. Large packing companies can rely on a strong line of production and design capabilities to provide small sellers with customized packages by loading the customized design templates, packaging production differentiation (different sizes, styles). These changes will make paper packaging become the first choice of small sellers, meanwhile, the cloud printing of flexible manufacturing technologies will start a new profit growth point.

Cater to the e-commerce times, committed to packaging solutions

Corrugated box is developed from a single transporting package to combination of transporting packaging and sales packaging. The electronic contractor should make good use of packaging to enhance the corporate image in the minds of consumers, increase customer loyalty, subtly build the enterprise brand effect, and increase the company's intangible assets.

In such a rapid electronic development era, corrugated box industry ushers a golden opportunity. Only through careful selection and innovation, even a small corrugated box could realize the win-win results of packaging industry and e-commerce. Reed Exhibitions will organize SinoCorrugated South 2016, held at GD Modern International Exhibition Center from April 14-16. The show is committed to the cutting-edge packaging solutions, achieving the further breakthroughs in electronic packaging to meet the individualized needs of small orders.

Comply with the Development Trends, Helping Enterprises Realize Customized Bulk Corrugated Box

As a wind vane of the development of the corrugated industry, SinoCorrugated South 2016 is an excellent platform for meeting with Asia-Pacific buyers, trading business, expanding emerging market, brand promotion and networking industry peers. Shenzhen Wande, Jiangmen Jingou, Xinao Technology, Ningbo Jingwei,SUN and other well-known exhibitors will showcase network box, customized processing solutions for small batch corrugated box and other competitive products to help corrugated enterprises add value and personalized features on SinoCorrugated South 2016.

For example, Shenzhen wonder printing system will bring a full set of perfect upgraded digital printing machine exhibiting onsite. This equipment adopts non-contact type inkjet, low requirements on cardboard surface flat speed, saving the complex pre-print preparation like plate-making, plate-patching, cleaning ink roll, proofing printing pressure, and color precision. The equipment saves labor cost as it adopts digital plate making by data without printing storage, reducing the printing tablets waste, network transmission for design, and shortcut for small production delivery.

In addition, the molding machine SBM2500 from the Jiangmen Jingou will also help corrugated box enterprises solve the problems caused by small, diverse, large cardboard boxes production. The device can achieve PLC control, easy operation, high automation. When you send a piece of cardboard to the machine, papering, slotting, cutting all these actions are done at once. Another automatic thin blade sub-machine ZBFY-AD2500 effectively solves the problems of changing sheets frequently, slowly and stuck in the middle of processing. Additionally, paper cutting and line sync automatically, greatly simplify the production process, reduce the labor intensity, and reduce technical requirements for workers.

How do the electronic packaging enterprises locate themselves in this increasingly competitive industry? SinoCorrugated South 2016 will provide you with more sophisticated technology and cost effective equipment to give you a satisfied answer. Complying with the development trends, the organizer will help electronic enterprises realize customized bulk corrugated box, provide packaging solutions. And meanwhile, with its higher scale effect, the event will be integrated with four exhibitions, across the whole packaging manufacturing industry chain. The show will definitely make the industry peers grab the chance, expand market, and upgrade industrial scale in the booming electronic industry. SinoCorrugated South 2016 invites you to participate and share this great industry event!

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