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20 Dec 2010, 15:52 Sinocorrugated

SinoCorrugated 2011 to Give Full Overview of Latest Technologies for Corrugated Paperboard Production

The domestic corrugated carton industry has seen rapid development in recent years. So much so that China's corrugated paperboard output is now among the highest in the world. As technology evolves, more and more domestic carton manufacturers are adopting advanced methods of production. For carton manufacturers, corrugated paperboard production lines must be of high speed, wide coverage and high efficiency. This means keeping pace with the latest technological developments. SinoCorrugated 2011, the largest corrugated production exhibition in the world, will give you in-depth insights into emerging technologies for today's corrugated paperboard production line.

1. The Tungsten Carbide Corrugated Roll

The coating of the tungsten carbide corrugated roll is made of carbide alloy powder. This substance features high precision, hardness and abrasive resistance. Through thermal spraying, a coating with a good flow rate is sprayed on the fine processing and handling roll barrel. Compared with regular corrugated rolls, tungsten carbide corrugated rolls have the following advantages:

The tungsten carbide coating that has strong abrasive resistance allows corrugated rolls to be designed in ideal conditions. This leads to optimal flute profile designs and ideal corrugated types.

For common corrugated rolls, the addendum circle will be enlarged after the roll has been worn, which leads to an increase in the glue used and influences paperboard quality. For tungsten carbide corrugated rolls, the tooth height and the addendum circle will never change, which guarantees the quality and smoothness of the paperboard produced.

The corrugated medium used will be reduced by 2%~8%. The glue used and waste produced will also fall, as will the number of times the corrugated roll needs to be changed. This reduces the damage to other parts of the machine.

The tungsten carbide corrugated roll is easy to repair. The diameter of the corrugated roll remains the same after repair. A freshly re-sprayed roll has the same service life as that of a new tungsten carbide corrugated roll.

2. The Automatic Glue Production Machine

The gluing process has always been crucial to the quality of the corrugated paperboard produced. As the quality of gluing depends largely on the quality of the glue, glue is described as the lifeblood of the corrugated paperboard production line.Depending on the glue points' heating conditions and changes of paper, automatic glue production machines make glues of different formulations. The viscosity, pasting temperature, solid content and temperature are precisely controlled by a computer that optimizes the production process of the assembly line.

3. The High Speed Splicer

Because of the cost increases and profit declines of recent years, carton factories rely on high speed, high efficiency production methods to cut costs. A splicing head with zero paper tail eliminates unnecessary waste when splicing; reduces the frequency of shutting down the corrugated paperboard production line and lowers the number of quality-related issues. It also guarantees steady, high-speed production and high paperboard quality along the entire production line.

4. The Carbon-free, Low Temperature Corrugated Paperboard Production Line

In addition to the widely used and matured technologies in the corrugated paperboard production line, increasing demand for environment protection means that low-temperature corrugated production technology is gaining prominence in the market. Unlike the traditional high temperature steam method, this production line does not use boilers or coals for heating; nor does it give out steam or pollution. What it does do is reduce production costs, improve paperboard strength, and brings with it the benefits of low carbon, high efficiency, energy saving emission reduction and environment protection. This is no doubt the start of a revolution in the paper packaging industry.

As the carbon-free, low temperature corrugated production line uses eco-friendly machines. There is no pollution, no emission and little noise in the production process. Therefore, manufacturers using this type of production line can be located anywhere. It is therefore ideal for traditional carton factories currently located downtown of cities or in residential areas.

The carbon-free, low temperature corrugated production line saves on investment. The machines in this production line do not use boilers or oil furnaces - in contrast to traditional production lines. The dust emitted must also be treated to meet the new emission standards, while coal and oil are included as consumables. The new production line eliminates the cost of purchasing boilers and oil furnaces, as well as that of installing gas pipelines.

This type of production line also conserves water and energy. It has high intensity, no mildew and a low damp rate. The machine also has low wear, a long service life, flexible operation and a smaller carbon footprint.

Finally, it uses electromagnetic wave technology for direct heating. In the heating process, the product surface does not come into direct contact with the heating unit, so it can be printed on the roll paper directly. Even after gluing, the production line can produce 3- or 5-layer paperboard and make color code tracking and slitting. This is not achievable using traditional equipment.

The above technologies for corrugated paperboard production will be on full display at SinoCorrugated 2011. Shanghai Dasong Corrugating Roll, Tiruna S.L., Changzhou Haili Roll Manufacture and Yuanlu Machinery will unveil new tungsten carbide corrugated rolls. Chengdu Chuangxin, Chunhu and Serco Ringwood will provide a whole paste mixing system to match various types of corrugated paperboard production lines. BHS and Fengjun will exhibit high performance splicers and Hong Kong Dongzhuo Technology will promote the latest carbon-free, low-temperature technologies for corrugated paperboard production.

SinoCorrugated 2011 will take place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center between April 6 and April 9.

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