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20 Dec 2010, 15:42 Sinocorrugated

Shanghai Liu Xiang General Equipment Promises Exciting New Products for Leading Corrugated Industry Exhibition

With its accession to the WTO, China, one of the world's most powerful manufacturing nations, has seen its local economy become more closely intertwined with the world's. The increased volume of exports has also driven the development of the packaging industry.

Corrugated paperboard is widely used in the packaging industry. Almost all light industrial products are packaged in corrugated carton. Right now, corrugated production line is developing on a large scale. Against this backdrop, Shanghai Liu Xiang General Equipment has emerged as one of the companies spearheading this development. After successfully navigating the initial startup phase, the financial crisis stage and the post-financial crisis era, the company has improved stronger than ever.

In the four years between 2003 and 2007, Shanghai Liu Xiang General Equipment became a marketing legend, as its annual turnover rocketed from USD 200,000 to USD 80 million. Gao Wenzhong, company Chairman, has combined his MBA learning with visionary business acumen, he skillfully steered the firm from a little known enterprise to a leader in Shanghai's corrugated manufacturing industry. This tremendous performance led to Liu Xiang General Equipment being declared the "Shanghai's Outstanding E-Business for 2010" by Alibaba, a world leader in e-commerce.

As the company develops, so its products continue to be upgraded, from the initial ordinary corrugated cardboard LX107 printer to the latest LX708 series of auto servo high-speed and synchronous fixed unit flexo printers slotter with die cutting capabilities. Carton printing machines now use computer control, auto feeding, flexo printing, auto gluing, auto folding and high-speed packaging. These fully automated functions greatly improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Meanwhile, the company has focused on the research, development and manufacture of 3-, 5- and 7-ply corrugators. It has also organized the design and manufacture of high-speed corrugators, much to the delight of the industry. The slow production speed of a corrugator has always been a huge drawback for domestic producers of corrugators, in comparison to their foreign counterparts. Shanghai Liu Xiang General Equipment designs and manufactures high speed corrugators (design speed: up to 250m/min, width: up to 2,200mm) and even exports them to Eastern European countries like the Ukraine. This export capability is key to the corrugator production industry and heralds the dawn of the high speed era for China's corrugated carton producers.

Between April 6 and April 9 next year, Liu Xiang General Equipment's newly developed LX-608C fully computerized high speed flexo printing slotting machine (with a vacuum suction conveyer for the printer) will be on show at Sino-Corrugated 2011. The event will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in China. The new flexo printing slotting machine boasts the following features:

1.The entire machine is designed in strict accordance with European Union CE Safety Standards. It is standardized, universal and user-friendly. Based on the man-machine integration concept, you can set, correct, perform, change, memorize and use other functions via touch screen. It is a product with a high performance to price ratio.

2.The touch screen man-machine interface dialog and electric control dual system operation features intelligent zero return, auto memory reset and saving orders. It has an optional remote tracking service system.

3.The man-machine interface display, PLC controller, inverter, and servo drives are all from Siemens and Bosch Rexroth (both German companies), as well as from Japan's Yaskawa and other brands of world renown.

4.The main transmission gears (20CrMnTi) are made of premium alloy steel. The uniformity of tooth surface hardness can be guaranteed and six-grade standard precision can be met through treatment of program-controlled automatic carburizing, quenching and grinding. The tooth surface can reach a hardness of HRC58-62.

5.All the inner bores of rollers and shafts have been cut to guarantee the uniformity of wall thickness, as well as stable and reliable high-speed operation. In the cutting process, the stress variation has been eliminated after having been thermally refined several times. After grinding, it will be protected by coating.

6.It uses key-free connections, which eliminate the clearance brought about by traditional connections and makes the machine's chromatic printing precise for a long period of time.

7.The transmission lubrication mechanism uses a spray guarding device. The lubrication system is on an automatic cycle. It also has an oil leak prevention function.

The vacuum-assisted delivery in the whole process avoids damaging printing patterns caused by the rolls, which further guarantees the precision of chromatic printing. It has an optional seal chamber and double scraper system. It can be equipped with a combination mechanism of infrared drying and UV varnish.

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