Shanghai Kopai to Launch Modular Conveyor Belts at SinoCorru

14 Jan 2013, 10:44 Sinocorrugated

Shanghai Kopai Machine Equipment Co. Ltd., a Chinese supplier of ground logistics modular conveyor belts, has confirmed that it will exhibit at SinoCorrugated 2013.

Kopai specializes in the supply of automatic conveyor systems, mechanical equipment and conveyor accessories. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of services, including research and development, design, processing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Kopai is dedicated to improving the quality of its products, services, staff and management expertise. The company’s full range of the latest metal processing machinery and plastic molding equipment, together with its advanced technological capacity, guarantee quality of product and speed of delivery.

Kopai’s offerings are used across multiple products and processes, including printing and packaging, food and beverages, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, textiles, plastics, papermaking, medicine, nuclear technology and military applications.

At SinoCorrugated 2013, the company will display a tailored modular conveyor belt designed for the overland transportation of corrugated cases.
The modular plastic mesh chain conveyor is a revolutionary change from traditional belt conveyors. It eliminates the problems of complicated maintenance, as well as the frequent occurrence of tearing, puncturing and erosion. Users of these belts enjoy a safer, faster and more maintenance-friendly conveying performance.

Modular plastic mesh conveyor belts are driven by sprockets, so they are not easily deflected, nor do they easily snake. They are so thick that they can withstand cutting and pressure from the items they convey. They are also oil- and water-resistant, so require little repair and maintenance – a real cost saver in terms of minimizing the need for replacements or upgrades.

The materials of which modular plastic mesh conveyor belts are made include POM, PP, PE, acetyl and nylon. The belts have a variety of models, such as the horizontal straight conveyor, the lift and climbing conveyor and the curve conveyor. Accessories like lift boards and sideboards can also be installed according to individual requirements.

Modular plastic mesh conveyor belts are less pollutant than other belts. They are made from a single piece of plastic that meets national sanitation standards, and they have no pores or cracks. Since each belt is oil resistant, it does not absorb oily pollutants or other impurities. As such, this belt supports a more environment friendly manufacturing process.

The belt is also stable and chemical resistant; so can resist damage from detergent or hot water. It can be applied across a wide range of assembly lines, including those for packaging, aquatic product processing, frozen food production, battery manufacturing, beverage manufacturing, can manufacturing, agricultural processing, chemical production, electronics manufacturing, rubber, plastic and tire manufacturing and cosmetics production.

Wang Shisheng, General Manager of Shanghai Kopai, confirmed that the company is confident about exhibiting at SinoCorrugated 2013, the world’s leading trade exhibition for corrugated case equipment and consumables. He went on to express a belief that the event would be the ideal platform via which Kopai could efficiently expand into the global market.

Shanghai Kopai will also use SinoCorrugated 2013 to introduce its elite products to corrugated industry professionals. This will be the company’s contribution to the development of the corrugated board manufacturing industry. Kopai hopes that its products will help clients to cut transportation costs for corrugated board and improve production efficiency.

SinoCorrugated will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 4 to April 8, 2013.

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