Schneider Electric: We Provide of Energy-Saving, Synergic So

4 Mar 2011, 13:42 Sinocorrugated

Nowadays, manufacturers are under unrelenting pressure to conserve energy, reduce emissions and synergize operations. Carton box manufacturers are no exception. As a world-famous provider of specialized industrial control automation systems, Schneider Electric is a staunch advocate of efficiency enhancing, energy-saving, synergetic production processes. The company actively promotes the EE (Energy Efficiency) concept across all its international branches. Schneider has recently created an energy efficiency management platform based on Eco-Structure, to boost the company’s energy-saving and synergizing capabilities.

From April 6 to 9, Schneider Electric will exhibit at SinoCorrugated 2011 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. In response to application requirements and emerging trends in the corrugated industry, Schneider will demonstrate its latest automation systems and solutions using the SoMachine software suite that includes M218, M238, M258 and LMC058 controllers. The latest STU/STO man-machine interface, the latest ATV32, ATV312, ATV71, ATV303 frequency converter and the LXM32, LXM23, Pacdrive M Servo products will also be on prominent display. These help users understand the latest production information, optimize their equipment’s automation systems in a timely manner and increase their competitive edge.

The corrugated market is one of Schneider Electric’s main target markets. The company’s products are widely used in China’s corrugated industry, to wide acclaim from domestic consumers. Schneider Electric has a dedicated Sales team for the corrugated packaging industry. The purpose of the Sales team is to help local companies improve how their equipment performs; reduce the cost of machinery and enhance manufacturers’ competitiveness. This year, Schneider plans to combine new products and dedicate personnel to the development of a control system that meets the needs of domestic users in terms of controlling not only the corrugated production line, but also controlling the slitting machine, the stacking machine and the post-printing machine.

Schneider Electric is a devotee of SinoCorrugated events. Company insiders believe that SinoCorrugated is important to the corrugated cardboard industry. The way the show provides numerous opportunities for technical exchange and face-to-face communication among industry professionals is something that Schneider Electric is particularly keen on. By gaining a timely and accurate understanding of industry trends and customer demands at this exhibition, Schneider Electric places itself in the ideal position to provide better control systems and support services, as well as a high performance-price ratio for the corrugated industry

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